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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Uncover the Secrets of the Unique Katavi National Park

Superlatives about this fantastic park flow regularly from the mouth of those that have had the fortune to be able to come and visit this isolated, untrammeled and seldom visited tract of wilderness that remains one of the few reserves where you might drive around for days without encountering another tourist, providing the few intrepid souls who make it there with a thrilling taste of Africa as it must have been a century ago.
The park lies in the remote southwest of the country, within the arm of the Rift Valley that terminates in the shallow, brooding expanse of Lake Rukwa. It features hippo-pods, super herds of buffalo and predators galore to name a few. Katavi, which is Tanzania’s third largest national park, is without doubt one of Africa’s best kept secrets you should uncover.
Hippos at the Katuma river in Katavi National Park.

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